Immersive 3D Design Visualization


✅ Author : Abhishek Kumar 
✅ Year: 2020
✅ Pages: 393
✅ Ebook: PDF

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Immersive 3D Design Visualization

With Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 4

Abhishek Kumar 

Discover the methods and techniques required for creating immersive design visualization for industry.

This book proposes ways for industry-oriented design visualization from scratch. This includes fundamentals of creative and immersive technology; tools and techniques for architectural visualization; design visualization with Autodesk Maya; PBR integration; and texturing, material design, and integration into UE4 for immersive design visualization.

What You Will Learn

Gain the fundamentals of immersive design visualization
Master design visualization with Autodesk Maya
Study interactive visualization with UE4
Create your immersive design portfolio

Who This Book Is For

Beginning-intermediate learners from the fields of animation, visual art, and computer graphics as well as design visualization, game technology, and virtual reality integration.

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